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Does Spinal Decompression Make Sense for the Elderly Patient?

Even though non-surgical spinal decompression is safe and gentle…it’s still not for everyone.  I remember when I purchased my first spinal decompression machine in San Francisco…a DRX9000. The word spread fast and I had a 90 day waiting list.


drx9000 therapy san francisco, 94111
DRX9000 Lumbar Decompression

I actually had to purchase another DRX9000 to handle the demand.  During the first year I had the opportunity to learn first hand (on hundreds of patients) who were the best candidates for spinal decompression.

I discovered that elderly patients with advanced spinal degeneration and multiple level disc herniations did not seem to see the same dramatic improvement that was so common with younger disc herniation patients. I learned the ideal age is 18-65.

In fact, the percentage of elderly patients (say over 68) that did not respond at all to disc decompression was quite a bit higher than the younger folks. I quickly learned to manage expectations in the beginning.

If the goal was to have a little more range of motion and less back pain, and to be able to enjoy life a little more, great. But if the goal was to become pain free and regain your youth…no way. Although, this would happen occasionally…I would never accept an elderly patient that expected this type of outcome…I still wont.

But here’s the deal…spinal decompression with the DRX9000 is very safe…even for the elderly. Sure, some would get sore…but “so what?” they tell me…”I’m already sore”.

So, heck…if an elderly patient qualifies medically and understands the spine decompression with the DRX9000 might not help them…and even if it does it may not be like the stories they read…well…lets give it a shot!

Disc decompression therapy is safe…it’s gentle..and it’s effective. And if things like feeling a little better…being able to walk a little father…maybe get in and out of a cab without help…or take a trip to see the grand kids with less pain are the goals…well,  they are within reason for the elderly.

What I recommend is getting checked out by a spinal decompression doctor. many will offer you a complimentary consultation…maybe even let you try the machine to make sure you are comfortable with it…that’s what we do.

Who knows?….you might just make it back out on the dance floor…if you do, send me a picture and I will put it up on this blog.

If you live or work in the SF Bay Area you can visit our San Francisco Spinal Decompression Center. Call 415-392-2225 and ask for a complimentary DRX9000 session.

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