Does Insurance Cover Spinal Decompression?

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DRX9000 Lumbar Decompresion

We have been providing Spinal Decompression in San Francisco for about 6 years now. The machine we use is the DRX9000 lumbar decompression system. We also have a DRX9000c which treats herniated discs in the neck.

One of the most common questions spinal decompression candidates want to know is:

Will My Insurance Cover Spinal Decompression?

Unfortunately, at least in California, the answer is NO!

However, most insurance WILL cover some of the ancillary services like exams, re-exams, ice, heat, muscle stimulation, back supports, exercises, massage, and home care/ergonomic instruction. How much just depends on the individual plan and medical necessity.

So sure…it’s kind of a bummer that spinal decompression is not a covered expense because it is still considered “experimental”…but all is not lost.

If you want to find out what your insurance covers I recommend having a spinal decompression clinic check your benefits for you.

If you live or work in the SF Bay Area and would like our San Francisco Spinal Decompression Center to check your benefits…you can simply fill out our “secure” online insurance benefits check form and we will get back with you.

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