Is Spinal Decompression a Permanent Fix?

We have been providing spinal disc decompression in downtown San Francisco for about six years now. In fact, we were the first to offer decompression therapy with the DRX9000 to the SF Financial District.

drx9000 in san francisco
Spinal Decompression Therapy with DRX9000

One of the most common questions herniated disc patients have about spinal decompression therapy is this:

Will spinal decompression fix my herniated disc or do I have to keep getting treatments?

It’s a good question…but the answer is not so simple. In reality…it just depends. It depends on the age of the patient, the over-all condition of the spine, how many disc herniations there are…and whether or not there are any complications such as obesity, scoliosis, or a short leg.

And you know what…sometimes we just don’t know until you finish the DRX9000 treatment protocol and we see how you hold up. Many patients decide at the end of the initial phase of treatment that they want to do spinal decompression on an ongoing basis because they love the way it makes them feel. Some take a wait and see approach…and everything in between.

Not much of an answer I know…but it’s the truth.

Heck…our San Francisco Spinal Decompression patients are usually elated with the way they feel and they want to make sure it stays that way. Core exercises, stretching, chiropractic, and an over-all fitness program will also help maintain the changes made with decompression therapy.

I have had disc decompression patients not follow through with any maintenance care, and do fine. But in general…the herniated disc patients that do some sort of ongoing decompression therapy seem to do the best…which is why we recommend something.

Bottom Line: Spinal decompression is a permanent solution if you stick with some sort of regular spinal health regimen that may or may not include ongoing disc decompression treatments.  But if you can figure some ongoing spinal decompression sessions into your budget…it’s sure to be a good investment 🙂

Dr. Eben Davis is clinic director of Executive Express Chiropractic and San Francisco Spinal Decompression in downtown San Francisco.


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